Differentiate Between Marketing and Social Media Optimization

Social media optimization has consequently brought a lot of confusion, since a greater percentage often relates it to marketing. Indeed there is a very close relation between the two, but this does not mean that one could represent the other in any case. Social media sites are very easy to identify, mainly for the fact that they serve as a global connecting agent among people. Social sites have gradually become the platform of all activities. A day will not go without visiting your tweeter or Facebook account. Why tweeter and Facebook? They are the most common social sites known to everyone so far. Brands have therefore taken advantage of this opportunity to maximize their marketing skills to the most of their ability.

Differentiate Between Marketing and Social Media Optimization

Social Media Optimization For Effective Marketing

First of, it is important to note that social media optimization acts like a tool that facilitates your reach to all the social sites that you may desire; whereas on the other hand, social media marketing is basically a way of promoting brand names in a more social platform. The step you ought to give attention is the case of social presence. How do you get people to read your content?

    • Have a strategy before you set up that site. Remember you are targeting a particular audience and there are specific facts that will attract them to your page. You will be required to do some homework to come up with the most effective ways to plan your business social media advertising.

    • Familiarize with the current trends in the social networks and know where your competitors are. This will keep you up to date and will allow you to be able to out shine the rest.

    • Major on quality instead of quantity. They say that inflated prices are often with the best commodities. This does not appear in any of the social media sites. You might prove to be too aggressive, but this will only leave you marked as any other spam.

Marketing After Optimization

After you are done with optimization, it is now the best time to show case your social media marketing skills till you eventually achieve your goal. Consider:

    • Your target audience. Do you really understand your customers’ needs? If so, deliver to the most of your ability. You can only do this by meeting their expectations at all costs. If you have stayed in this business for long, you won’t need further explanation to this effect.

    • The relation you choose to maintain with your clients will determine your stay in the industry. Interact with them by giving room for comments or suggestions from them. Always try to tackle any questions asked by your audience. This will go a long way as far as building a rapport is concerned. You will notice that with this type of medium, the audience will tend to be louder than the other ordinary marketing mediums.

    • Lastly, learn to update your site every moment as long as new trends keep checking in. This will mean you are on your competitors’ pages more often trying to catch up with them.

How to Identify and Mitigate Social Media Marketing Risks

Social media is without doubt the most powerful tool the internet has ever created, at least up until now. As expected, businesses have taken full advantage by opening accounts and fan pages that enable them to stay in touch with clients all over the globe. The results have been tremendous and marketing departments especially have benefited a lot. However, not all companies that have embraced into social media have a success story to share. This is probably because some business owners have been misled to think that social media is the proverbial bed of roses, the one without thorns. This guide will help you understand that there are some thorns that actually have to be pulled out first.

How to Identify and Mitigate Social Media Marketing Risks

What Are These Social Media Marketing Risks?

A lot has been said and written about the impact of social media marketing. However, not many authors have been daring enough to warn their audience of the various risks they are exposed to when they decide to go social. Here are some of the risks that you’ll have to be more wary of before venturing into this field:

  • Data Leakage: If you aren’t careful about the information you share online, it could easily end up in the hands of your competitors.
  • Cyber Bullying: With tens or even hundreds of your competitors going social as well, you can only expect hostility on the internet.
  • Stolen Identity: Do not be surprised to find some malicious people running your business’ pages that you haven’t even heard of.
  • Verbal Attacks: Some of your clients will not think twice about posting aggressive comments on your pages for the world to see.
  • Defamation: The internet also gives your competitors or any other malicious party a perfect platform to ruin your reputation.

So does this mean your business is better off not embracing into social media marketing? Of course you should embrace into social media marketing. You just need to be careful and constantly optimize your social media campaigns for best results.

Professional Employee Training

Social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and many others give you the ideal platform to stay in touch with your clients, whether you are marketing or offering customer service. However, for this to be successful you will have to procure professional training to teach your employees how to behave online. Many employees have brought business empires to their knees by simply posting misleading information or mistreating a client on social media website. With professional training, you can forget about any such incidents occurring. You will also need to come up with policies on how information will be shared online so that you can always trace the source.

Stay Vigilant on Your Social Media Campaigns

Succeeding in social media marketing has always been about doing your part and watching what others are doing. When embracing into social media for marketing purposes, you always have to look around and see what your competitors are doing. There are legal channels that can be used to tame any accounts that could be defaming yours. You could also contact social sites to block any accounts that are impersonating your identity. With these measures in place, there won’t be any more channels for social media to hurt your business.