How to Rank Highly Within Your Locality

Internet marketing has registered a tremendous growth over the past few years, many websites have had to recur to search engine optimization techniques to maintain or even improve their visibility over the internet. However, with everyone going this direction, things could only get more competitive. The best you can do for your website is to stay ahead of the competition by keeping in touch with the latest trends in the SEO world. For instance, Google has recently made some significant changes to their local ranking results. This means that if you need to stay web visible within your local city, there are some changes you will have to make.

Why Rank High Locally?

Perhaps you are asking yourself if there is any need to rank highly within your local city. You are probably thinking that ranking high globally is the only way to go. However, a look into one of the major changes will shock you. Initially, the sites listed at the very top ranked highly simply because they had amazing content or admirable backlinks. However, sites are ranking highly now simply because they fit into the geographical area of the searcher’s area. It is also a known fact that people are now using search engines to find local businesses more than yellow pages. What this means is that it is only by ranking highly within your region that you can acquire new leads and sales.

How to Rank Highly Within Your Locality

Factors that Govern Local Results

With these new changes in place, you definitely have to review the SEO techniques that have served you so well in the past. The only way to do this is to familiarize yourself with the parameters that Google will be looking at for their local listings. An internet survey was conducted using 40 top marketing sites to find out exactly what Google looks for their rankings. You should count yourself lucky to be reading some of the findings of the study. Here are the 5 factors that will be thoroughly considered for local Google listings:

  • Physical address within the searched city.
  • Association in proper categories.
  • Proximity of your address to the city.
  • Domain authority of your site.
  • Number of citations in the internet yellow pages sites or data aggregators.

If you can have the city as well as the state on your landing page, then it is an added advantage. With these key factors, you already know some of things you need to adjust for you to remain relevant and competitive within Google’s new Google+ Local Listings.

What Could Hinder Your Local Rank?

The anxiety that comes with change could easily lead to your cyber suicide. There are a good number of factors that could easily compromise the rank you will get around your region. First and foremost, you can never afford to mismatch phone numbers across various websites. For instance, you can negatively affect your local rank by tracking phone numbers. If there are several pages on Google Places with similar phone numbers, business titles or addresses, you can forget ranking highly around your region. Worse still, having different numbers on the landing page and Google+ Local Places will push you even lower on the ranks.