Is Article Marketing Dead?

Today there’s a lot of people who are saying that article marketing is dead. You may even agree with them when you look around at how content kings like EzineArticles, Hubpages and Associated Content have been slapped by the search engines.

However, just because these major article directories have lost their authority doesn’t mean that article marketing is dead. If you look at who’s ranking high in the SERPs today, you’ll see these websites are doing so for fewer keywords.

Variables That Determine How Well Your Article Will Do in The SERPs

There are two different variables that affect your article marketing efforts:

  • Quality: Google punishes low-quality content and improves the search engine ranking of well-written, informative content.
  • Original content: You want content that’s written by someone who not only sounds natural, but also appears to know what they’re talking about. This rules out any spun content and anything that has poor grammar or phrasing.

Is Article Marketing Dead?

Sharing Your Articles “Properly”

Although article directories became backlink repositories, they were never meant to serve in this fashion. They were meant to be a place where people could exchange information and where webmasters could choose content to share with their readers. In other words, this was to be mutually-beneficial for authors and website owners, not the one-sided system we now have. Understanding this, article marketers need to hand craft their articles without help from any software and then share it on their blog, as an editorial on news sites, in white papers, and via social media platforms.

What This all Means

Article marketing isn’t dead. It just changed over time. In fact, some consider article marketing to be the new internet marketing front. To get the biggest benefits out of it you need to return to its original intentions. This is more time consuming than simply chopping an article up and spamming it everywhere. As such, you will benefit from hiring an article marketing company to help you with it. By doing so you can use article marketing to your benefit, instead of being slapped by Google for it.