Is Article Marketing the New Internet Marketing Front?

In the past, we’ve lived in an era of mass print where businesses would write articles about the latest trends in their local newspapers. This also allowed them to have room for a little self promotion. All of this changed with the advent of the internet. Now companies are no longer limited by space or cost. Companies can now write lots of informative articles linking back to their website inside the article’s content.

Why Article Marketing is the New Marketing Front

Many people now see article marketing as the new internet marketing front. There are three main reasons for this.

  • First of all, article marketing is inexpensive. The only real cost associated with article marketing lies in writing the article. Once you have an article you can post it for free in various article directories and other premium third party websites. These sites receive search engine traffic that will bring them organic traffic. Their visitors will then find your article and your website, which will increase your referral traffic. Search engines will take notice of how your website is growing and use this in their algorithm, helping you move up in the SERPs.
  • Secondly, article marketing is more effective than traditional marketing. This is because everyone is going online to visit social media sites several times a day. By having your articles show up here along with other forums and article directories you boost your online presence. You don’t want to put just any article out there though. These need to be high-quality, informative articles that draw your visitors in, not something written simply for promotional purposes.
  • Third and finally, when you submit your articles to third party websites you increase the traffic to your website. This only works when you write a growing number of articles based on specific keywords for these websites. Otherwise your articles will get buried and it won’t do your website any good.

Is Article Marketing the New Internet Marketing Front?

Ready? Set! Start Writing

In order to capitalize on article marketing, you’ll need several articles continually available to you. This is important because the search engines will not list duplicate articles, which is why you don’t want to submit the same article to different places. The only way of circumventing this is by creating as many unique articles, focusing on the same theme, as possible. This is also known as content creation and it will help your site get a lot of visitors from different sources.

All of this takes so much time it could be a full-time job. Fortunately, there are content creators and internet marketing companies who are able to work on this for you. These are people who will write articles for you and market them online. When hiring an internet marketing company for your site, make sure they’re experienced in your niche like those at Space City SEO in Houston, Texas are. We invite you to contact us about your article marketing needs today.