National Wheel and Tire SEO Case Study

National Wheel and Tire SEO Client Case Study:
Products offered: National retail provider of discounted wheels and tires packages.
Services Done: Search Engine Optimization, Content Management, Content Development, Copywritting, Website URL Structuring

Challenge: was a 10-year old website that was doing ok with it’s 1 million+ pages. But it wasn’t performing as well as other much better optimized and marketed websites in the nation. hired other SEO providers (not us) that ended up damaging the website instead of helping it, resulting in “personalization” by Google. One of their previous SEO providers had used link farms (black SEO) and lost most of the decent rankings that they previously held after the Google Panda update, resulting in a massive decrease in indexed pages, traffic, and sales.

To top that off, the site had not been updated or optimized much for most of these past 10 years of existence. The owner met with a web developer (not us) and came to the conclusion that a completely new updated website was necessary and it was going to take over 8 months to complete it. But the business owner didn’t want to wait that long without doing something to try to bring the rankings back up.

Solution: came to us and after agreement that this was a website that was affected (penalized) by the Google Panda update and that it will take longer to rank than a healthy website, we started working on it. We did an enormous keyword research and SEO audit of the website. After all that was done, we started working on optimizing the homepage, and based on the limited resources we were given to work with, we decided that the best plan would be to implement an aggressive link building strategy and add fresh content through the website’s blog.

Results: Initially it took some hard work to start noticing any major changes, but started noticing a good jump in the serps after adding a good amount of unique blog articles of high quality and building a good amount of high quality backlinks. Now the website has keywords on top of the search engines, some generating over 100 unique daily hits from search engines alone. Those are thousands of dollars in savings that they would have had to pay if they were to do a PPC campaign (Check the image below). Overall Sales have doubled from last year. That’s a 100% increase in sales.

National Wheel and Tire Company SEO Keywords

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