Press Release Writing Advice That Will Deliver Results

Today’s business world is very competitive. In order to get exposure for your products and services you need a very effective marketing strategy. One part of this strategy that you can’t afford to overlook is press release writing.

Writing an Effective Press Release

You can’t simply write anything and call it a “press release”. The information you’re writing about must be newsworthy. It needs to be backed by information that’s both interesting and helpful to your readers. If your content doesn’t do these things, you shouldn’t write a press release.

The way your press release is written and distributed is also important. You need to start with an attractive angle (a.k.a. hook). This is the only way you can attract people to look at your press release. From there your writing needs to be both engaging and convincing so they’ll want to read it. When done correctly, your press release will help you get interviews with the radio, television, newspaper and magazine media.

Press Release Writing Advice That Will Deliver Results

Formatting Your Press Release

As you write your press release, you’ll want to make sure that it’s also formatted correctly. There are some standard guidelines that you need to follow here, including:

  • The date: You must start by writing the date. You have three options here: “for release after,” “for immediate release,” and “for release before.” These options must be followed by a date on your calendar.
  • Contact details: It’s important for the media to be able to easily contact you. As such, you’ll want to include your email address, phone number, and fax number, if you have one. Failure to include this information may make the release appear illegitimate and cause a distribution service to choose not to publish your press release.
  • Headline: This is where you hook your readers, drawing them in so they actually want to read your press release. Make sure that you have a headline that’s either strong, controversial, exciting or interesting.
  • Summary: You’ll want to write a few sentences summarizing the information that’s found throughout the rest of your press release. Make sure you keep your readers interested here, so they’ll continue reading. As such, you don’t want to give them all the details right away.
  • The body of the press release: Make this content, concise and precise. It should only consist of 300 – 500 words. Use bullets and short paragraphs to make it interesting and easy to read.
  • The boiler plate (a.k.a. the about us section): You should never overlook this part. It’s your opportunity to give your readers more information about your business and what it’s offering. This also adds credibility to your business.

Press releases isn’t something that just anyone can write for your business. You need to hire a professional press release writer, so that you can be sure it’s written properly. Fortunately, we have professional press release writers on our staff. They’ve written and distributed press releases that attract the type of media attention you’re seeking. So, the next time you want to create a press release for your business you really should contact us first.